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Payroll Services

Why use our Payroll Service?
    How does it work?


  • When yuo decide to use our payroll service, we'll initially collate all of your existing employes date and import it into our computer system.


  • Each week or month, you will provide us with details of the wages and any additional amounts, ie overtime or holidays. 


  • From this information, the payroll is processed and we will send you the following:-


  •        Payslips, which can be either emailed or posted out to you. These        can also be emailed directly to employees.    

  •        Payroll summary report. 

  •        P45 forms for any employees leaving during the year. 

  •        Letter with details details of the payment need for HMRC and              instructions on how to pay this, if needed. 

  •        We'll also make the necessary submissions online to HMRC





     For more information all us on 0113 2608614 or email me                      at

Why use our Payroll Service?



  • With the ever changing legislation in payroll, make sure it's done accurately and on time by outsourcing it to us.


  • Save time and money by allowing you/your staff to spend their time working in areas where their skills can be used more productively. 


  • Additional confidentiality. All payroll records are kept away from your premises


  • No need to worry about the payroll being run when your existing payroll staff are ill or on holiday.


  • Payslips can either be posted, emailed either to you, or directly to your employees.  



How much will it cost?


A typical payroll will cost £17.50 plus VAT, per month. This would normally cover upto ten employees as long as it's a straighforward payroll. 


There is also an annual charge for the preparation of the year end P60's and end of year submissions to HMRC. Our standard charge for this would be £50 plus VAT.


Call us on 0113 2608614 for a quote or email me at




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